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Just left a free seminar in NYC. A total waste of time. All they did was try to get us to buy their software. The guy running it, Rick Brown, seemed like a total scammer. The other negative reviews I've read about the boot camp seemed accurate by what I just experienced.

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I am replying to the negative review about Dave Lindahl's bootcamps and methods. I have taken several of his courses and been involved with him and his company for the last fifteen years and have NEVER had the experience of the writer. I have always found everyone in the Lindahl organization to be totally honest and above board. Jeannie Orlowski, in particular, is always helpful and kind, and in fact, knows a great deal about real estate and... Read more

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I agree with you 150% , I experience the exact same incident ,however I traveled to Boston in 2006 to attend his 3 day boot camp. I paid $3000 and was told I would be able to revisit his workshops at no cost because I was a life long student. Never the less when Dave revisit our DVM area I could not attend workshop unless I paid a fee of $500. I'm Extremely disappointed with the lack of concern of his original students. We are still in need... Read more

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I took this seminar in 2007 in Orlando. I liked the seminar but the RE market blew up before I did anything with the training. The course cost $3000 at that time and attendees were told they could re-attend any seminar, anytime for free. Lindahl just conducted a recent seminar here in Orlando and when I tried to attend, I was refused unless I paid $500. Even though I was verified as taking the course in 2007 when customers were told they... Read more

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Dave's Acquisition Fees are a Lie! The first thing you will discover when trying to find deals for Dave is that his Acquisition Fee pitch (3-day worth of enticement pitched to regular people like you and me at the Bootcamp) is all a lie! Jeanie Orlowski, Dave's Assistant will be the first one to tell you that in addition to informing you that you actually "do not deserve any acquisition fees", "what makes you think you deserve an acquisition... Read more

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I just attended his 3 day boot camp and found it very rewarding and informational and a unique learning experience. I did not go forward because I am not going to hand out $35,000 to anyone for training not even a University at my age. That said, you are completely misinformed about the real estate process. Investors put out multiple purchase and sales agreements (not tentative offers in mass every day. They do that in hopes of finding the... Read more

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I went to a 2 hour hype pitch for the 3 day boot camp and when people asked the teacher questions, since Dave can't do it all, the guy put everyone off saying he would get to questions later. When later came he put on music to drown the questions since most were challenging, and said he had spent so much time in the seminar he was tired. In fact to me, he stated he had already wasted his time at this seminar, since I wanted to investigate our... Read more

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Missing money, fake monthly reports, unpaid vendors and generally run down properties. And by the way, if you were told that the properties weren't making money in 2010, 2011 or 2012, you were duped. Michelle Sullivan, BIG Assets Comptroller, funneled a lot of funds into the BIG gold mining in Ghana, South Africa from those properties under the direction of Anne Bouve-Silvia, Justin Meszaros and David Lindahl. Money went to MCorp, LLC; MCorp... Read more

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I've spent far more than $15,000 with Dave. Have you heard of an Acquisition Fee? Well neither had I, that is until I attended Dave's Seminars. This fee which I had never heard of, on my first deal was over 7 times the $15,000 you speak of. Don't do one thing and quit, if this was easy, everyone would be doing it. You must push your comfort level and do things you have been afraid of doing in the past. Don't worry, Dave's systems will arm... Read more

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I was at a hotel two hour free seminar pitching the RE Mentors program when I observed an elderly man in the back of the room standing. He had asked Dave Lindahl if there were more chairs and while there was one chair available it was overcrowded by a very large man that had both thighs and arms encroaching upon the free chair. The man politely refused to sit in that chair and said he would simply stand. Dave Lindahl went into a rage and... Read more

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