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Everybody - all of you; listen to how it works with Dave Lindahl:

Dave Lindahl advertises that he is looking for a DEAL FINDING PARTNER.

Then you pay Dave no less than $1,500 of your hard earned money to attend one of his seminars where he tells you to make offers on properties as if you are going to buy them – the more offers you make, the better it is for Dave!

After you make all sorts of offers and send them to him, his receptionist Ginni Orlowski hoards them on her desk forever. If you call about them, she will immediately intimidate you, insult you, tell you how worthless you are and that you don’t know anything about real estate and that she knows everything, and that basically, you need to stop calling.

You stop calling for a week, then you call again to find out whether Dave Lindahl or anyone from his company have taken a look at the purchase offers that you submitted for them, and get back with you so that you would know where you stand with the sellers or the brokers of the properties you submitted the offers on at behest of Dave Lindahl, then Ginni will insult and intimidate you again, and make you feel like a total looser and a total *** who doesn’t know anything.

After that, all of your offers expire and you are left with nothing! You have done all the work and gotten nowhere, thanks to DAVE LINDAHL’S SILVER TONGUE!

And if you keep on calling them after that, well, then, they will just tell you that they have noone to look at your deals because they’re all busy working on their own deals and that Dave is just too busy with his own buildings. You will never hear from Dave at any time!

After that, you might even feel like going on the internet in the efforts of trying to warn others who are still to “fall prey” of DAVE LINDAHL DEAL FINDING PARTNER SCHEME.

The whole DAVE LINDAHL ORGANIZATION is a scam. I read just a few reviews below that people have asked questions about why the government wouldn’t do anything about it or why the department of real estate wouldn’t do anything about it. Are they scared of DAVE LINDAHL and GINNI? Some questions still remain to be answered. ... But, I hope, I was able to address the questions of some of you. On the bright side, feel lucky you only had to part with $1,500 to learn about HOW DAVE WORKS. I knew some poor souls who dumped as much as 35 GRAND for a chance to “tango with Dave” and gotten nowhere!

This reviewer shared experience about not as described and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Re Mentor. The most disappointing about re mentor founder from Re Mentor was daves lies , but reviewer liked fantasy dave sold me. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

Also, you can continue reading comments about Re Mentor.

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If you have a complaint, submitted it to the Better Business Bureau.


They only have one complaint registered.

The company's name is:

Creative Success Alliance Corporation 100 Weymouth Street Rockland, MA 02370 They still have a good rating but if you all submit your complaints, that will change.A 14-day refund policy is not enough if you have to attend lengthy trainings, which is scheduled futher down the line.

Scammers should be exposed and please read any contract carefully before you sign.

I'm sure they added that clause about having to reinvest much more money after the fact.I almost attended the seminar but thanks to these reviews, I did not attend.

Cocoa, Florida, United States #1318648

I could just picture that happening..after they get your cash ..

their to busy .

whew I'm glad I saw this review!if its so great why don't dave just do his stuff he's selling?.......( when ever I hear the..." I was once like you were") I click x and exit the page..lol

Cocoa, Florida, United States #1318646

wow sounds like another carlton sheets scammer

Milton, Massachusetts, United States #1299885

I'm Barbara Lindahl, David's mother.I work at this office.

I watched him turn a landscape company into a large real estate portfolio and then I've watched him teach other people how to do it for the last twelve years, I work here and I work closely with Jeannie. By the way, I have NEVER heard Jeannie talk to anyone in the manner you are suggesting. Jeannie is a very sweet person.

If you come to our office you'll see pictures along the walls that people have sent in with them, their properties and their families showing us how proud they are of what they have accomplished and thankful to the RE Mentor organization for giving them the tools they need to get there.

This organization has partnered with many students. In order for a deal to qualify for partnership it has to be a good deal.

There are many reasons why a deal doesn't work and sometimes people just don't want to accept that the deal they present is not a good deal.

This is a good organization that prides itself on the success of it's students. Come visit us, we are at 100 Weymouth St. Rockland MA, read the letters on the walls, let us take you for a tour of the building and meet our staff. I'm not sure why you wrote what you wrote but simply not true.

Feel free to call me at any time to discuss, 781 878 7114.You didn't leave your name or I would call you.

to Barbara Lindahl #1319597

A mother would reply like this!!! #smh

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