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I went to Dave Lindahl’s 2-hour seminar May 2018 in Florida. Had the worse experience of my life! When I entered the ball room the music was so loud I thought I was in a night club. The people at the back of the room were on their phones and watching some video laughing. They were not very professional at all. But I was interested to learn. Finally, the speaker came up. So Much for MY LEARNING!

The speaker Greg Rocheleau was his name just looked so cocky and arrogant! You know one of those 40-year old’s acting like he’s 20 and at college frat party. Greg starts off saying he doesn’t speak in front of people he started in this business when he too went to a seminar just like this in Detroit 3 years ago. He said he worked in the car industry in Windsor.

Now I do believe that is Windsor Ontario Canada! Thought I noticed that accent AY!

He said that he’s done over a 100 deals. His first one was in 90 days from when he started. That went on for about ½ hour and it seem like another ½ hour about him talking about this son and Dad and how he sends his dad to Florida every year. Oh, not to mention his Boat and how he loves the Detroit river. I bet! What he loves is the tunnel crossing between Canada and the U.S.

He was just Pushy about getting $1,500.00 for a boot camp! He also said there is a 90 day Guarantee no tur it’s only a 14 days guaranty. But remember Dave will mentor you personally. So, I decide to do my homework and found this site. Thank you all! I did not lose my $1,500.00 or yet $50,000.

I like Dave Lindahl books, but he needs some people that represent him and his company better. Maybe Someone who Lives in the United States and owns Real Estate here in this USA! And people with Real Estate experience no Sales and defiantly Not a bunch of KIDS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Re Mentor Founder.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: State the actual company, Greg rocheleau pushy sales person.

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Thank you for this review. Apparently they are coming back to Florida (next week) and I wanted to see if it was even worth my time attending.

It is absolutely NOT!!! Thanks again!


Pissed Consumer will allow anyone to anonymously file a complaint about any company. Many times these are competitors, ex-spouses, ex-employees or someone else who has never made a purchase from the company.Pissed Consumer does nothing to verify the validity of the issue and only uses the one-sided story.Sure, you can file a reply but once you have been accused this stays in the backs of the mind of many consumers and it will hurt your business.Pissed Consumer definitely needs to take the time to verify that these comments are in fact valid before publishing defamatory information.

They should also change their rules on adding information to a review that is irrelevant.IE: Owner of a company has been divorced 4 times, what does that have to do with him not warrantying a transmission in a car? This is the types of things you will find on this website.

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