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During a seminar at the ACRE convention in the winter of 2012, Dave Lindahl promised to refund the fee for his training if one were to go our and buy a multi-unit real estate investment within the next 30 days. I did just that and now am told that it wasn't good enough and the monies would not be refunded.

The reason given by Jeannie Orlowski, and her supervisor, Tammy Beckwith, my customer service representative, was that there was no HUD Settlement statement. There was NO mention of this requirement during Dave's presentation, nor is this a requirement by any local, state, or Federal law to buy or sell property. There IS however recorded evidence that the sale was completed and recorded per the terms of Dave's promise during his seminar AND state law within Pennsylvania (where the sale happened). The sale was within the guidelines of Dave's offer.

I find this ironic, as one of Dave's premises for his success is doing what you say you're going to do. And yet here I am a frustrated investor, wanting to learn and develop more real estate holdings, and wondering why he won't do what he said he would.

I am warning those wanting to use Dave Lindahl's training classes, courses, and/or seminars to beware, as the offers to reimburse you for these classes might not end up being refunded. This would also have to include RE Mentor, Inc. as they have been the spokespersons for his training materials.

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Mike, this is David Lindahl, I had the chance to see your file for the first time when I got back from touring a portion of my portfolio.

As you stated in your email to Jeannie Orlowski on Oct 20th "I'm at a mastermind in Gatlinburg TN right now and no one else here has ever had a problem with David Lindahl before and my friends are all shocked to hear I was having problems getting my $1000 earned credit from Dave"

When we offer the challenge "do a deal in 90 days and I will give back to you the amount you invested in the home study system" we require three things to be submitted for the offer to be redeemed.

1) An offer dated after you invested in the system so we know it was our techniques that helped you get the property

2) Proof that you actually closed on the property and

3) A picture of you in front of the property.

The most reliable closing document that can be used as proof of a closing is an executed HUD Settlement statement. This is why Jeannie requested it.

Yes, you had sent over a closing statement that you had drawn up on copy paper but it did not have buyer or seller signatures on it. This is why Jeannie asked for further documentation.

You could have sent over a copy of the recorded transaction from the registry of deeds, that would have been sufficient.

The staff here are just trying to do their job and verify that a transaction took place. We have refunded thousands of people who have taken this challenge and bought a property within 90 days and expect to refund thousands more.

We do the challenge because we know the sooner a student gets into a deal, the sooner their life is going to change through real estate investing.

Here's is the ironic twist to this story, I got back on Friday from doing a tour of my properties and your file was on my desk for a decision... and I approved the refund. If you haven't gotten your check when you read this, it is probably a day away.

These issues normally don't come to my attention and are handled by staff members. Everyone here knows my policy in 99% of cases is to side with the student.

I regret you felt you were mistreated but the staff was only following policy.

Congratulations on the purchase of your duplex, may it be the gateway to many more deals and a large pile of passive income checks coming to your door each month.

If you would like to discuss this further, feel free to call me at my office at 781 878 7114 at any time.

David Lindahl

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