hi,my name is tom cook,,,,,,,,,,,me and my partner have tried lindahls way of doing delas,no money no crediut bull,,,,,,,,,,you will never get a deal without having some skin in the game,,,,,,,dave is full of bull,,,,,,he just keeps on selling his tapes and books and people keep falling by the wayside,,,,,,,,,remember dave del dotto on tv he was the same now he is nowhere to be found,,,,,,,,,,people you need money to get a deal there are too many costs around a deal,,,,,,,think about it,eamil me if you want more,,,,,,,tnt1111@bellsouth.net

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Arcadia, California, United States #853685

This couldn't be more ridiculous. I own houses, apartments, commercial buildings.

167 total units. I have never used one dime of my own money. Dave Lindahl is the real deal. I have no reason to take his side other than to back him for all the education I received to do what I did in just 3 years.

It's all on you man. It's who you are and who you partner with. I have investors begging me to get in my deals and I tell them right up front that I will have no money in the deal. Sorry you don't have what it takes.

I would suggest you partner who had the skills you don't. Most likely what you'll need is an true entrepreneur. One who creates business and takes action and doesn't make excuses. Your contribution can be something else.

Maybe good credit, able to read financial statements, construction...

Good Luck and I hope all reading this will Take Risks. Personally, I Never Lose - Either I Win, or I Learn.

Tim R.


I bought his program. It gives some sound advise, but is not worth the $,$$$ he tries to sell it for.

You can get the same info by attending a monthly group meeting/assoc.

in your area with investors PLUS a good book from the libraby for FREE. Dave is NOT a short cut.


Dave system works. He teaches how to raise private money for use as a down payment through other investors and then get bank financing.

The no money down from yourself, is because you've attracted other investors in on the deal with you. Suggest you learn how to rasie prive money for your deals, anyone I speak to can't wait to invest in one of mine, so you must be doing something wrong.

to NJ Lindahl student Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #658350

I Agree with what NJ student says. The no money down side of the deal means that you work with private investors to help you fund the down payment you need in exchange for a peice of the deal.

It's simple leveraging. Lindahl is correct in his methods. I've been investing in real estate for years and there's nothing in his material that is false. You just need to find private investors and then find the deals.

They are out there but you need to work at it. There is one other thing that is important to note in Dave's info... There is not a lot of competition in the multifamily hold/flip side of the business. When i was flipping and renting out single family homes there was always a bidding war for those properties.

The world of mulit units is fairly small and I'm not bumping into every investor in town when I'm working on these deals. Most people don't take the time to learn how to make real money.

to Agree with NJ Student #1118877

Thank you we are at the point to pursue this revenue stream, we are in the construction industry and this would be a perfect fit for us, we understand how it all works but would like insight and perhaps a mentor to help us with the investor side of things. We have investigated Dave and are not comfortable based upon the plethora of bad reviews and trust us, we have been screwed before. Do you have any recommendations for us?

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