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I was tempted by the advertisement and the one-night introductory presentation to get into their program that is supposed to teach you buying multi-units fast and easy and even with someone else's money. Beware of the following of the 3-day presentation: - They will teach you to do basic math on example properties to determine if they are profitable investments.

This is good information until you realize later in reality that the criteria they teach you will never apply on properties publicly available on the market - otherwise everybody else will be jumping on them. - They will also spend time teaching you to use "pick-up" lines to convince fiends and investors to put in money to buy profitable properties you might find - so you can co-own or make commission fees 3- almost 60% of the time will be spent on trying to convince you to buy into their more "advanced" programs and plans and watching testimonial videos.

Product or Service Mentioned: Re Mentor Seminar.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am not sure what event you attend but it wasn't a Dave Lindahl event. When I was there for the 3 days I learned a lot of information regarding the why's and the how's to investing in commercial properties.

Most people think it is finding a property and putting in an offer. At the event you were taught more then just that. The training teaches you how to go out and find these properties and how to analyze the numbers the right way so you don't buy a large money pit. What Dave is teaching his students is how to stay out of bad deals.

I don't know what you were looking for in the training but it gave me everything I was expecting and then some. Sorry you didn't like it but I think most people are looking for others to do the work for them while they sit back and get rich.

Dave gives you the step by step training to do this business. And for that I am grateful for his training.

to Steph #1445328

you sure you don't work for the company, Steph? You're giving an un-bias opinion right?

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