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I recently attended a seminar in San Francisco as a guest because I know a con when I see one. One of the coaches told my friend and I that they were an "Educational Company" which means selling the course/dream is their core business.

I thought $1500 was a bit much for a weekend seminar and sure enough on the second day they pitched a $40,000 up-sell to "Continue" your education. I think I left skid marks getting out of there!!!

All you're doing is financing a different amount of money for a different kind of property. If you've ever owned a home, you've already done this! I already know how to ride a bicycle so therefore I don't need to pay someone $40,000 to teach me how to ride a fancy bicycle.

P.T. Barnum said it best...There's a sucker born every minute...

Product or Service Mentioned: Re Mentor Seminar.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I saw it all from the inside.I saw how people were scammed on a regular basis.They would take money from those that were broke and believed they would help.What a horrific experience.Dave Lindahl's family worked the office and they had people on the phones that promised Dave's number if they paid 10,000 and more for the program.He was pretty much non exsistant and the sales team was brutal.They owed me money and fired me when I saw what they REALLY were all about...Told me I didn't fit in.Yup! I called them on their stealing lying and cheating.Do NOT give this company a penny.They had old ladies crying because they made promises and took their money.


Thank you for your input.

Re Mentor Verified Representative

I am not sure what you thought but we have never hidden the fact that we are a Real Estate Education company. We teach our students who want to learn how to invest in Multi Unit properties, and change there lives.

Our Mission Statement is "Results through Education". Like any education company we offer additional education and coaching to help our students who may need additional help. This business is not easy and people make several mistakes and we are there to minimize the mistakes or eliminate them all together. It's funny how you think we are somehow conning people but yet the people who participate fully in our education and do what they are told seem to be the one achieving and thriving in there business.

It seems you never really gave us a fair shake. I can tell you first hand that the system works and it changes lives. We would love to have you back and prove to you or anyone else that our system is proven and it works. The reason folks lose there shirt in this business is because they think it is as simple as riding a bike.

When in fact dealing with Multi Family properties is more like driving a yacht. You need to know where you are going and how to maneuver in rocky waters.

If you don't have control of the yacht you can hit something and cause damage, or worse sink. We don't want our students to sink.RE MENTOR(781) 878-7114

to rementor #1468836

I purchase the curse last week in Beverly Hills, now I fell a little bit scamed Already and I haven’t even go to the boot camp....The guy who gave the sales pitch sold the boot camp together with a certificate that will allow you to have Dave himself as a coach, 1 call a month. His pitch was very clear: who would like to have Dave himself as a couch, rise your hand???

Well, I was sold! Now, ReMentor conoany is telling me that was maybe a mistake and Dave uses other people he trained... Really? So the sales guy did lie to get my bussiness?

Or what? If this is now, i dont trust in what is coming anymore.Im now reading all the reviews and worried I purchased a scam...


This place is attached to reputation defender's. We know this act probably tell me to drop dead after I look at this Union

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