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I attended the Dave's 3-Day Real Estate seminar in DC area at cost of $700. Basic information was communicated to the attendees.

This was also an upselll to the Silver/Gold Mastery Program . The guy who signed me up promised me all of these things and then conveniently disappeared within the next 2 weeks after he signed me up. In addition, the guy they matched me with (mentor) was giving me basic information during my weekly coaching sessions.(IE Place an in newspaper similar to the example he sent and call me back next week. In addition, some weeks he was not available and sometimes I could not make it at set time.

Either way they would count a full 1-hour Session regardless if you wrote e-mail and did not speak by phone. Moreover, Dave gives different agreements to different people. Some have 2-week cancellation policy others don't have anything. I was asking for my money back within first month as I experienced all this.

I never heard back from these people. My opinion this thing is a scam similar to the Donald Trump Real Esate Academy . A few people can do this however more than 75% is scammed in every city they go.

They make their money by writing and getting you to sign these agreeements that are a total mispresentation. My hope is the Government will take this guy out in the near future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Re Mentor Seminar.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $12000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Deceptive practices.

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Thank you. you have saved me from investing my hard work money on the 3 day training.


Glad I read this review. Thanks for sharing.


I have gotten all my money back through complaining to the Federal Trade Commission. I strongly recommend you get in touch with them. I had no luck until I did.

to Jesse Jones #1483649

I went to this last night and the pressure was huge...Wondering if it is worth it or not. Not sure...Looking for feedback to do this or not?

to Sandra #1510422

Just did the 3-day bootcamp and the instructor was very knowledgeable and chock-full of good info. This is a subject not to be taken lightly. Of course there is the $40k upsell, but if you trust yourself to do the work, I could be quite profitable.

to Michelle #1511238

This is horrible advice. Michelle, why would anyone in their right mind pay 40K to some strange RE investor or company you don't know.

This is just another example of how desperate people can get in this kind of an economy. What you will learn if you give this scam artist 40K. RE has many intangibles that cannot be quantified . Statistically speaking you look at the probabilites of this type of investment Dave wins either way .However, you on the other hand don't share the same profit model that Dave.The deck is stacked against us for all of the intangibles we are not able to account for.

Further, just look on this site at all of the complaints vs the positive feedback. Finally, scam artists like this are created by people that are willing to give anything to appese this kind guy with false hope of success.

to Michelle #1511953

Theo,I find your response very interesting. Every successful person in any industry has a mentor and someone to go to.

So many people outside of Dave’s organization and in bigger pockets recommend Dave’s program. If you don’t know what bigger pockets is then you don’t know anything about real estate. Why would they endorse David Lindahl? It’s because his product works.

The list of testimonials is telling of this organization. Yes can you find information online? Absolutely. But if I could get an experienced investor helping me, why wouldn’t I pay for their help.

I’ve been to several rementor events and they are always straightforward and do not pressure me at all. It’s so sad to see such negativity instead of looking at what they can do.

to John #1530393

Hey John, I'm from real ville. Not negative at all just in regards to this opportunity to be scammed.

Once again, if RE mentor could be doing all this stuff himself without competition then he would. However, at this of the industry he can make more money by getting people to sign his agreements.

RE full of intangibles so if you don't mind parting with 40K than have at it. Remember they are not responsible for anything that goes wrong.

to Michelle #1525818

Is this Michelle my wife? I can believe you gave them $40K to be mentored, you know more then they do.

to Jesse Jones #1491888

I am going to a Meeting with RE Mentor on June 5 in Schaumburg.Please send me Info on what you want me to ask.lawrencejohn777@gmail.com

to JH Lawrence #1498425

Do not go to RE Mentor, I lost so much money and will let you know later.

Re Mentor Verified Representative

To whom it may concern:My name is Jermaine Evans and I am RE Mentor's Coaching Coordinator. If you were in the coaching program I would have been in communication with you and you would have had my information if you were having any issues.

Every 2 months I send a progress report to all our students in the programs to see how they are doing. One of my jobs is to make sure the students have what they need to succeed in the program, and to see how they are getting along with their coach. Did you call me and see what I could do to rectify any issues you were having? I am here everyday from 8:30AM to 5:00PM (EST) or by email.

I can assure you that we are not a "scam". Yes we ask our students to sign an agreement and that agreement is to protect you and us, and to make sure everyone is doing what they are suppose to be doing. We do what we say we are going to do it is one of our Core Values. We give you the tools and the information to go out there and invest in a 2 or 200 unit apartment complex using other people's money.

Our 20 year track record proves it. It is up to you to take those tools and use them.Jermaine EvansRE MentorCoaching Coordinator

to rementor #1473802

Mr. Evans, you are so full of crap.

You are a salesman that is trained to close deals, period. All someone needs to do is research your so called track record and learn the term " The proofs in the pudding".

You and your company have a very poor record on delivering on you promises. You should be ashamed.

to Jesse Jones #1499374

Hey Jesse,It's Tammy in the accounting department, my records indicate that you never purchased our product.And your comment about complaining to the Federal Trade Commission is false. I have never had the Federal Trade Commission call me about anything.Also if we have a very poor record on delivering on promises than why have been in business for 25 years and have been teaching people for 15 years.Somebody is not telling the truth..............................

to Anonymous #1570397

If you are from the accounting department then why are you posting as anonymous????

to Anonymous #1574485

I wouldn’t get too overconfident with that one. This a very similar case to the Donald Trump Real Estate Academy.

Look what happened their? Class Action. Just on this site alone their is more than enough complaints to file a class action with FTC. This is how it started with Trump Real Estate school a total misrepresentation.

If The FTC calls you they will call with class action because they have enough cases to sue on behalf of public. For now your ok.

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