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I am a senior citizen. Who worked hard all my life.

I saved some money for my retirement, but son as I retired I found out that I needed either to continue working or invest to earn more money to be able to pay my bills. I saw Mr. Lindahl's add for a seminar on how to invest in Real Estate. I singed up and took my son Robert with me.

I paid $1,500 for the 2 day seminar. At the end I decided that was not for me. But my son was talked to into attend the 3 Day Boot Camp for which they charged 15,000.00. My son would attend the seminar and I would pay for it, since it will be a great investment according to one of the people that works for him.

The boot camp was a disaster, They didn't have any investment properties to show except the ones the probably saw in a listing, you could tell they did not know any thing about those properties. Anyhow There's so much to tell about this scam. The thing is He charged 15,000 Thousand Dollars. I never saw him, never met him ever.

we received a box of his videos and assigned a so called Coach. coach send my son a letter that I still have it. saying that he should get together with friends and ask them to find people that want to invest, also every time my son would find a property , which he was assigned to do. He was asked if he was a Broker or a Real Estate agent.

and of course he was neither. at the seminar they tell you that you don't have to Know any thing about Real Estate, you just have to learn How to Invest in Multifamily apartments and for that you have to study his class. $15, 000.000 Dollars out of my retirement account. I am an Old woman and I need my money back I have sent many emails to him but he never replays.

People need to know what this man is doing the way he is taking their money for nothing in return. I would like to tell him about the sleepless nights I have and how much I still worry. The district attorneys of his state and the state of California will be notified about this. Thank you much.

My name is Vilma Vaccarezza.

My phone # is ( 408) 578 0238. He can call me before my attorney will.

Product or Service Mentioned: Re Mentor Seminar.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Re Mentor Verified Representative

Ms. Vaccarezza,I would love to speak to you or your son regarding your experience.

I would love to know what happened during your sons experience. We take pride in helping our students and making improvements where they can be made.Jermaine Evans

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